Grand Marnier - Grand Match

One year into the pandemic, the glamour and excitement of simply asking your favourite bartender to mix something spicy and fresh, felt like a thing of the past. Building on this timely insight, we developed a campaign called The Grand Match to help Canadians bring some grandeur back to their summer, all from the comfort of their homes. 

The Grand Match set out to help people find the spark of connection they’ve been craving. Through interactive social content, we matched Canadians with their unique Grand Margarita and Grand Bartender. 

We partnered with five influential bartenders across the country, categorised into personas: The Mixologist, The Showman, The Conversationalist, The Speedtender and The Publican. Each bartender crafted their own margarita recipe using Grand Marnier and Espolon Tequila to match their style and our audience's tastes. 

Through interactive Instagram Stories, we captured our audience’s preferences as they answered questions pertaining to their tastes. By engaging with our content, they entered to win an exclusive virtual experience. The lucky winners were matched with a Grand Margarita recipe and a Grand Bartender. We created premium kits to send to winners, filled with all the ingredients they needed to make their margarita at home. We coordinated individual zoom masterclasses with their Grand Bartender to learn how to mix their perfect margarita in an engaging, exciting way, without having to leave home.

We are Social

Senior Editorial Art Director
Creative Concepting
On-Set Art Direction
Design + Animation


To peak interest, we teased the campaign in a series of Instagram posts with elusive copy and enticing imagery.


We created content to introduce each type of bartender and margarita, enticing followers to come back to find their Grand Match.


To capture entries, we released a multi-day series of Instagram story polls. 
Based on user responses, we categorized winners into types that matched with a compatible bartender and margarita.


Our bartenders captured recipe reels of their custom margaritas 



Influencers created the 5 margaritas and posted to their channels to amplify the contest


Winners were selected and reached out to by their Grand Match Bartender via DM with an invitation to an exclusive experience to enjoy their Grand Margarita together virtually. 
A Grand Margarita kit was then sent to them with all the ingredients needed to create the cocktail.

Our audience loved the campaign, and let us know across social.